Röhrenhochpegelvorstufe – Hervorragend geeignet für Spatial MCseries No2 und Spatial MCseries No3

PREMIER LINE 05 – Specifications
  • Eingänge:

    5x Hochpegel, 1x Tape

  • Ausgänge:

    2x Vorstufen, 1x Tape

  • Frequenzgang:

    11 - 165 kHZ +- 1db

  • Strom:

    12 Watt

  • Abmessungen HxBxT:

    23 x 20 x 42 cm

  • Gewicht:

    7 kg

The Audion Premier line level pre-amplifier 0.5 is an active class A device. Built with 5 line level inputs buffered, switched from the front panel, 2 line outputs and a direct un-switched tape output.
The soundstage is phenomenally large. Roll off in both directions is seamless. Resolution is astounding, with absolutely convincing depth even at very low  levels.
It brings recording to life and places you directly in front of the performance

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