Brutal attack, extreme sound pressure levels and finest resolution capabilities combined.

Our No 8 MKII has everything we want from a state-of-the-art loudspeaker: you have to experience it once in your lifetime. Partner it with a potent tube amp and you will instantly understand us.

MC Series No8 – Specifications
  • Frequency response:

    22 Hz – 23 kHz

  • Efficiency:

    94 dB/W/m

  • Impedance:

    8 Ohm

  • Type:


  • Drivers:

    Acoustic Elegance 15" woofer with dual voice coil
    12" midrange woofer with dual voice coil; Dipole AMT with waveguide

  • Dimensions (H/W/D):

    119 x 45,7 x 7,6 cm
    Weight: 48 kg

New! SPATIAL Europe No8 MKII
By using the 15 inch Acoustic Elegance dual voice coil bass with Faraday Copper bushing in the magnet around the voice coil and the 12 inch Acoustic Elegance dual voice coil bass with Faraday Copper bushing in the magnet around the voice coil makes any absorption circuit superfluous. The result is a significant increase in efficiency and a superb midrange. In combination with our newly optimized Serial crossover, the Nº 8 is a new milestone in terms of dynamics, stage imaging and timbre in Spatial Europe development.

Special Features: Dipole AMT with waveguide and optimized aluminium covering for rear sound dispersion; Duelund cabling; serial switch for extremely easy operability at single ended tube concepts; Jantzen copper foil wax coils; Jantzen air coils; Jantzen MKP capacitors; Jupiter copper foil beeswax capacitors; Mundorf Supreme resistors; Oyaide Phosphor Bronze flat bed connectors; WBT next gen copper loudspeaker connectors; SPATIAL Europe fire bronze ball spikes – optionally SPATIAL Europe Isolation feet; tailored to the weight of the speaker (>info)
Recommend placement: Distance from loudspeaker leading edge to rear wall from 75cm; listening distance from 3,5 m; listening room size from 30 sqm.
Recommend cables: Spatial Europe Wire Nº1
Recommend amplifiers: Spatial Europe AMP Nº2, Spatial Europe AMP Nº3, Luxman CL-38uC/MQ-88uC, Luxman L-550AXII, Luxman L-590AXII, Thivan Labs 211, Thivan Labs 805, Westend Audio Leo, Westend Audio Monaco

The Spatial Europe tube amps are produced exclusively by Audion for Spatial Europe. Audion owner Graeme Holland tunes the output transformers of the Spatial Europe AMPS to the respective Spatial Europe model. The output transformer is matched to the impedance and Qts of the respective Spatial Europe model at no extra charge.

RRP: from € 21,000 / pair

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