More substance with the same dynamics - our No1 SE with two 15 inch chassis

For some listeners though it could be the end of their search because the may forget to look elsewhere. No wonder, with all the dynamics surrounding him now.

MC Series No1 – Specifications
  • Frequency response:

    38 Hz – 19 kHz

  • Efficiency:

    95 dB/W/m

  • Impedance:

    4 Ohm

  • Type:


  • Drivers:

    15" custom coax driver; 15" custom woofer

  • Dimensions (H/W/D):

    102 x 45,7 x 6,8 cm

  • Weight:

    23 kg

Custom chassis with ultra thin and super stiff polyamide 3d-print piece on the 15inch coax membrane in front of the high frequency exit in order to couple the compression driver at a lower frequency  Special Features: Sealed compression driver; Kimber cabling; Jantzen coils; Jantzen Silver Z-Cap capacitors, Audyn True Copper Max capacitors, Mundorf Supreme Resist resistors; WBT nextgen copper loudspeaker connectors; SPATIAL Europe fire bronze ball spikes – optionally SPATIAL Europe Isolation feet; tailored to the weight of the speaker (>info)
Recommend placement: Distance from loudspeaker leading edge to rear wall from 65cm; listening distance from 2.5m; listening room size from 15 sqm.
Recommend amplifiers:  Spatial Europe AMP Nº2, Croft Integrated, Cyrus One, Lavardin ISx, Leak 130, Rega io, Rega Brio R, Quad Solo Play, Thivan Labs DL-50 Push-Pull
Recommend cables: Spatial Europe Wire Nº1
RRP: from € 5000 / pair

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