The No5 is our first 2.5 way model. That means membrane surface combined with a resolution that you will not find elsewhere on the market.

Like with all our Spatial Europe speakers we count on membrane surface, because membrane surface cannot be replaced by anything else.

MC Series No5 – Specifications
  • Frequency response:

    32 Hz – 21 kHz

  • Efficiency:

    93 dB/W/m

  • Impedance:

    4 Ohm

  • Type:

    2,5 -way

  • Drivers:

    1,75" compression driver + 1" aluminum die cast horn; 12" neodymium bass-mid-woofer, 15" neodymium woofer

  • Dimensions (H/W/D):

    120 x 45,7 x 7,6 cm
    Weight: 35 kg

Special Features: Dipole compression driver with optimized aluminium covering for rear sound dispersion; Duelund cabling; super low resistance Jantzen C-coils; Mundorf copper foil wax coils; Jupiter copper foil beeswax capacitors; Mundorf Classic capacitors; Mundorf Supreme resistors; Oyaide phosphor bronze flat bed connectors; WBT nextgen bi-wring copper loudspeaker connectors; future bass activation possible; SPATIAL Europe fire bronze ball spikes – optionally SPATIAL Europe Isolation feet; tailored to the weight of the speaker (>info)
Recommend placement: Distance from loudspeaker leading edge to rear wall from 65cm; listening distance from 3,5 m; listening room size from 30 sqm.
Recommend amplifiers: Spatial Europe AMP Nº2, Spatial Europe AMP Nº3,Luxman CL-38uC/MQ-88uC, Luxman L-550AXII, Luxman L-590AXIIThivan Labs 211, Thivan Labs 805, Westend Audio Leo, Westend Audio Monaco
Recommend cables: Spatial Europe Wire Nº2

RRP: from € 10,500 / pair

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