Our PURE 12/15 is unparalleled in terms of dynamics and stage imaging.

SPATIAL Europe PURE Series without a single crossover component in the signal path.

PURE Series 12/15 – Specifications
  • Frequency response:

    32 Hz to 17 kHz

  • Efficiency:

    95 dB/W/m

  • Impedance:

    4 Ohm

  • Type:


  • Driver:

    12" Broadband Speaker from LII Audio
    15" SPATIAL Europe Neodymbass

  • Dimensions (H/W/D):

    113 x 46 x 35 cm

  • Weight:

    31 kg

12-inch broadband loudspeaker from LII Audio with ultra-light membrane mass and only one voice coil, is connected as a perfect point sound source directly without a single crossover component in the signal path via a bass crossover with 15-inch Spatial Europe neodymium bass
Special Features: Modified LII Audio 12 inch broadband die-cast aluminum chassis (with bronze clamps) with very high efficiency, acoustically tuned open baffle housing with finite elements, heavy aluminum base and strain relief for the recommended Spatial Europe Solidcore speaker cable, bronze ball spikes with Spatial Europe absorber for the weight of the PURE 12/15. (>Info)
Recommend placement:Distance from loudspeaker leading edge to rear wall from 65 cm, listening distance from 2,5 m, listening room size from 20 sqm
Important: All Spatial Europe speaker models needs a play-in period up to 500 hours. We offer a play-in service in our sound booth for our customers and dealers.
Recommend amplifiersSpatial Europe Amp Nº 2,  Spatial Europe Amp Nº 3,  Thivan Labs 811 Anniversary, Thivan Labs 300 B Anniversary
Recommend cables: Spatial Europe Wire Nº1

RRP: from 5800.-€/ pair

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