SPATIAL Europe Wires

Solidcore – High purity copper cables and pure silver cables


SPATIAL Europe - isolation feet

Sound Tuning – Absorption feet

POM absorber, optionally attachable to the SPATIAL Europe bronze ball spikes
The movable ball connection adapts to the angle of installation, so the absorber base is always flat on the ground.
For optimal absorption on vibrating surfaces such as false floors in old buildings.
Our absorption feet are available for all MC Series models and are tailored to the respective weight of the loudspeaker.

Absorption set 2 for Nº 1 and Nº 2
Absorption set 3 for Nº 3 to Nº 6

All absorption sets consist of 6 absorbers!

RRP: €380/set

SPATIAL Europe - room acoustics

Diffuser QRD 36 – for Spatial Europe MC series

Whether in the recording studio or in the concert hall – the QRD 36 diffuser distributes the sound diffusely in the room and thus ensures professional room acoustics.
Only light solid wood is used for the 36 solid wood compartments, the diffuser only weighs 13 kg.

The high-quality acoustic diffuser can be used either as a wall diffuser or as a ceiling diffuser and is supplied with the appropriate fastening material.
Thanks to its filigree manufacture, the acoustic diffuser ensures effective dispersal of room reflections and also contributes to a better assessment of the direct sound of the loudspeakers.

The acoustic module enables an audiophile listening experience in which standing waves are significantly reduced and a greater spatial sound can thus be created.

Suitable for all Spatial Europe MC series loudspeakers.
Effective range from 300 Hz to 8000 Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD): 100 cm x 54 cm x 15 cm

RRP: €350/piece

Schumann tube wave

Sound Tuning by Spatial Europe

Schumann generator to refresh the natural Schumann resonances at home, which we have been surrounded by for thousands of years and which are being suppressed more and more by increasing mechanization. A tube simulates the microscopic fluctuations and weaknesses of natural resonances. The strength of the signal is continuously adjustable for the optimal influence on the audio playback.

RRP: €800/piece

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